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Making The

BUsiness of


feel like

Childs Play

Before and After Care Software built to manage your entire business on any device from any location

We're Focused on You and Your Families

Easy To Setup

Easily create schools, regions, add employees, create care types and pricing and set schedules in a fraction of the time it takes with other sytems.

Easy To Use

We make it easy for site directors and employees to do everything they need on any device.  We also have the fastest easiest to use parent scheduling solution in the market.

Mobile First

Our solution works on any device natively.  This means actual apps for iOS, Android and web, which allows you to view data and manage your company from anywhere.


Easy on Parents

  • We've designed and built a parent app that is easy to use, fast and convenient.  We’ve done this by using many of the same interactions they are accustomed to using in the most popular shopping and social media apps.  This makes it  easier for anyone to download the app and get going without help, saving you time and them frustration. All built for the Apple App store, Google Play store or on any browser. 

Paperless Registration and Enrollment

We make it easy for parents to create an account and submit all of the information you need for processing an enrollment.  

Scheduling and Paying

We have the easiest to use parent scheduling solution in the market.  Parents can schedule multiple kids, with varying schedules, over many days or weeks, then send the schedule to the cart to pay.  

Subsidy Care

Our scheduling solution automatically calculates any discounts you already use for parents scheduling care.  It also can automatically account for families that are using subsidy care. 

We know that so much of the responsibility to running a great child care company comes down having the information you need, when you need it.  Currently we have 60+ reports for you can access and we're happy to customize anything you need at no cost. Very soon you will have the ability to build any reports you need easily for yourself.

Reporting the way you need it

We make the hard things easy

We set out to make every aspect of our software the easiest and fastest to use in the industry.  Everything from creating schedules, managing multiple locations, checking ratios, approving registrations and anything else that takes your time away from the most important thing.  The kids!

Works on any device

We've built Kidlet.Care from the ground up to work on iOS, Android or the web natively.  This allows you to manage your business from any device and anywhere without having to compromise on features and usability.

A win-win for parents

and you

A parent app designed from the ground up for iOS, Android and the web.  An intuitive experience for everything they need, registering, scheduling, paying and communicating with you.  This saves you time and your parents from frustration.


If you are tired or trying to manage your childcare centers on software that doesn't provide you an all-in-one solution contact us and we're happy to show you how we are different.

Features & Benefits

Great Is More Than the
Sum of Its Parts


Get The Paper, Without the Chase

Our software manages billing and discounting of scheduled care automatically.  You set the rules for billing and the system does the rest. 

Making The

BUsiness of


feel like

Childs Play

Before and After Care Software built to manage your entire business on any device from any location