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Directors & Onsite Staff

Freedom for your frontline workers

Children's Race

Caring for kids, taking attendance, managing parent questions, setting up activities and making sure everyone is having fun on top of it is a lot of responsibility.  With Kidlet Directors and staff can do all of this from any device, including their own phones, getting them away from the computer and where they are needed.

Designed to be used everywhere



Vital Info Up Front

We move the vital medical information for child to the most visible places so anyone working with kids is aware all the time.

Emergency Contacts

Parents can add, remove and prioritize emergency contacts at any point directly through their app.  

Automate Attendance Delivery

We'll send the your scheduled attendance automatically to your school every morning and afternoon to ensure kids are being sent to the right place

Emergency Contacts

Parents can add, remove and prioritize emergency contacts at any point directly through their app.  

Bumps and Bruises Reports

Add bump and bruises reports directly through the app and attach it to the child's record.

Designed to be used everywhere

Directors and staff can do it all from any device, including a phone.  This gets them away from the computer and frees them up to be with the kids.

Built for busy directors with a focus on safety


Always accurate count

Your attendance count is always accurate.  Filter your list by school and care type, grade or cohort.

Check in & out

Green means in, red means out.  As easy as tapping on your phone.

Add drop-ins

Customize a drop-in fee and have it automatically added to the parent's next scheduling cart for payment.

Medical alerts

Visible indicators for allergies, medications, medical needs or special needs.

Checking Kids In and Out

Post-pandemic, no-touch functionality for parents and staff to check kids in and out.  Everyone stays safe, and attendance stays accurate.

Parents can choose their own passcodes for checking kids in and out, reducing parent frustration and your time having to look up codes.

Parents can use your tablet or computer to check kids in an out, or better yet, their own phones.

Parents can add authorized to pick-up adults from their app at anytime which instantly shows up in your system.

Family account management at the tip of your finger


Information on any device quickly finding the answers you need with just a few taps.

Parents and Siblings

Jump right from attendance page to the child's card, parent and guardian, sibling and financial information.

Financial Info

Fast access to a family's financial info: account balance, discounts, payment history and more.

Spend more time on what matters most


Simple, intuitive, and it works on any device. 

Frees employees to be where they are needed most.


Easily report bumps, bruises and behavior in the app.  Save to the child's account and share wiht parents immediately.

Text Messaging and Email

Quickly send text messages and emails in the app to an entire school, a district, or to every school in your care.

Account Management

Child and family accounts contain all the needed information: medical, financial, registration, emergency contacts and more.


Employees with the proper permissions can pull up past payments, issue credits, add charges and manage discounts.


On any device, employees can access reports on attendance trends, A/R, drop-in rates, registration numbers and more.

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