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Executives and Back Office

Manage everything from anywhere

Intentionally Designed...

so you focus on what matters
to help you think ahead
so you meet your goals
to give you peace of mind


Three reporting views serving three purposes; dashboards, tables and downloadable.
Built to give you a quick glimpse of the "need to know now" information

Attendance numbers



Accounts receivables

Registration approvals

Drop-in rates


Built to give you a more detailed view of your company's performance without having to download a report.

Revenue reporting and trends

Attendance trends

Registration performance

Check in/out history


Accounts receivables details

For larger data sets that are easier to manage through Excel or Google Sheets.  This gives you even more flexibility to manage your data and the ability to forward reports to people outside your company.

Forward attendance to schools

View and combine data

Share data related to grant funding and tracking

Share data with state regulators and licensing employees

Easily export data to outside accounting systems 



Improve new school or district sales and retention by giving their teachers a reward

Discount based on parent/guardian profession including seperate discounts for teachers at the school you provide care for and teachers in the district.

Reduce over discouting by only providing discounts when multiple children from the same family attend the same session.

Discounts are applied only when more than one child in a family attend the same care type on the same day.  This prevents over discounting on days or care types that shouldn't be discounted.  

Incentivize parents to schedule more days sooner to improve cashflow.

Discounts can be based on total volume of days or dollar value motivating them to add future dates sooner to maximize savings.

Stabilize scheduling of employees by getting a clearer picture of attendance earlier

Provide a discount based on pre-paid care before care take place, before the start of the week or the start of the month.

Needs based discounting

Give specific discounts based on family need such as Free & Reduced lunch qualification or anything else you choose.

Incentivize behavior through flexible pricing

We've created an incredibly flexible pricing  structure that will meet nearly every company's existing price structre.  This is a small sample of the flexibility we provide.

Subsidized Childcare Management


Our software allows you to set up unique parameters for every child.  Track approved days, care types, reimbursement rates and deadlines.


Easily separate reports for subsidized care vs. non-subsidy care or combine them together. You can track reimbursement rates, days, care types allowed and attendance.


Enter the exact reimbursement rate for care and be able to see exactly what your next payment from the state will be.


Enter the approved days of the week and care types, allowing parents to schedule normally without having to pay.  They can also pay for days not approved if they choose.

Automated Discounts

Incentivize parents by rewarding early scheduling and/or multiple child care days.  Discourage drop-ins and late scheduling so sites are staffed correctly.

Discount care based on a variety of factors: multiple kids, financial need, public servants etc.

Connect with Parents
Keep parents in the loop.  Text message and email parents from the app. Automate messaging for registration and billing.
View live rosters from any location at any time. Know immediately which children are checked in, checked out or absent.
Manage each site's profitability based on real-time revenue, labor cost, rent expense, and accounts receivable.
Staff Management
Track who is clocked in/out, track licensing and documentation, and manage care site location assignments.

Be Everywhere

We make it easy to manage care site operations remotely from any device with real-time data and analytics.

Scene 1_edited.png


Dashboards specifically for executives that focus on the big picture view of the company.  Access and edit everything.


View and edit any school data relevant to managing.  The ability to update or delete data can be controlled.


Each school has a dashboard designed for directors.  It thinks on its own, showing different information throughout the day.


Access everything needed for safety, attendance, and communication, while protecting sensitive information.

Roles and Permissions

Control what employees can access based on their job role. 

Keep employees focused on their responsibilities. 

Provides a layer of security for sensitive data.


Views serving three purposes; dashboards, tables and downloadable.
Built to give you a quick glimpse of the "need to know now" information.

Attendance numbers



Accounts receivable

Registration approvals

Drop-in rates

Document Tracking and Management

Stay on top of site licenses, employee certifications, and expiration dates.

Store them digitally for easy access. 

1  —

Track site and employee licenses and certificates

Stay on top of licenses and certifications directly in the app - alerts for expirations and dates of previous inspections. Simply look anything up at any time.

2  —

Convert records from physical to digital

Store a digital version of employee certifications and site licenses.  Easily keep records up to date. No more paperwork; no more filing.

3 —

Notifications for upcoming renewals

Helpful alers on the status of licenses and certifications.  Three stages for each: good standing, 60 days from expiring, or expired.

Smarter Payments

Parents pay when they schedule, so no one has to track down the money later.

Credits and Charges

Reduce unpaid balances to almost nothing.  Credits, charges and/or fees automatically calculated for the parent's next cart.

Payment Solutions

Stripe allows parents to use any approved payment method on any device with full integration for Apple Pay and Android Pay.

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