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  • Viewing and Downloading Tax Documents

    To view and download your tax documents follow these steps. Click on the card at the top of your home page or go to the View Transactions in the menu. At the top of your transactions click on "Year End Statements" Click on Show PDF. -- Scroll down to see how to download print, or email your document. To Download your documents click on the share button or save button in your device. This is an example on an iPhone. Click on the share button, save button or send button on your device. These may look a little different depending on if you use an iPhone or Android.

  • Receiving Credit for Future Care

    If your care provider allows you can select and receive credit for care you have scheduled. Your care provider sets the rules for how far you must request care credit before the care is to take place. Select the Cancel Care option through the menu Select Children Select days you would like to receive credit for Select the care types you would like to receive credit for.

  • Editing Parent Information

    You can edit any of your parent information by following these steps. Go to the menu and select "Manage Family" Select "Guardians" Select the guardian you would like to edit Edit any information you need such as your phone number or preferred emergency number. Save the selection at the bottom Wait for the save to finish

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  • Directors & Onsite Staff |

    Directors & Onsite Staff Freedom for your frontline workers Free trial Caring for kids, taking attendance, managing parent questions, setting up activities and making sure everyone is having fun on top of it is a lot of responsibility. With Kidlet Directors and staff can do all of this from any device, including their own phones, getting them away from the computer and where they are needed. Designed to be used everywhere Safety Vital Info Up Front We move the vital medical information for child to the most visible places so anyone working with kids is aware all the time. Emergency Contacts Parents can add, remove and prioritize emergency contacts at any point directly through their app. Automate Attendance Delivery We'll send the your scheduled attendance automatically to your school every morning and afternoon to ensure kids are being sent to the right place Emergency Contacts Parents can add, remove and prioritize emergency contacts at any point directly through their app. Bumps and Bruises Reports Add bump and bruises reports directly through the app and attach it to the child's record. Designed to be used everywhere With Kidlet, directors and staff can do anything the software does from any device, including their own phones, getting them away from the computer and where they are needed. Built for busy directors with a focus on safety Attendance Get info Always accurate count Your attendance count is always accurate. Filter your list by school and care type, grade or cohort. Check in & out Green means in, red means out. As easy as tapping on your phone. Add drop-ins Customize a drop-in fee and have it automatically added to the parent's next scheduling cart for payment. Medical alerts Child safety is a top priority. Have a visible indicator of any allergies, medications, medical needs or special needs employees should be aware of. Checking Kids In and Out After working through the pandemic we recognized the importance of no-touch functionality for parents and staff to be able to check kids in and out. This keeps everyone safe and an accurate count at all times. Parents can choose their own passcodes for checking kids in and out, reducing parent frustration and your time having to look up codes. Parents can use your tablet or computer to check kids in an out, or better yet, their own phones. Parents can add authorized to pick-up adults from their app at anytime which instantly shows up in your system. Family account management at the tip of your finger Accessibility All of the necessary family account information is easily accessible from your most used screens, helping you get the answers you need with just a few taps. Parents and Siblings Jump right from attendance page to the child's card, parent and guardian info, siblings and financial information. Financial Info Easy access to all of a family's financial information, a quick view of account balances, discounts applied, payment history. Spend more time on what matters most Attendance Attendance is simple and intuitive in Kidlet and it works from any device. This gives your employees the freedom to always be where they are needed. Safety Creating bumps and bruises reports and behavior reports can be easily done inside Kidlet. These can be stored in the child's account and shared to parents through their app for signature. Text Messaging and Email Text messages and emails can be sent out to the entire school, a district, or all of the schools you care for directly through the app. Account Management Child and family accounts contain all of the needed information to manage anything that might come up, from medical, financial, registration, emergency contacts and more. Financial We make it easy to review and update account financial information. Employees with the proper permissions can see past payments, issue credits, add charges and manage discounts. Reporting Employees can see all of the pertinent data they need from any device. They can see reporting and dashboards on attendance trends, A/R, drop-in rates, registration numbers and almost anything else they want.

  • Pricing | Kidlet.Care

    Financial Management View trends for attendance, revenue and accounts receivable Issue credits and fees to any family account easily Downloadable reports Live visual reports for up to the minute data on any device Employee Management Employee clock in/out Release employees as care ratios are met Track and store licensing and certificates with expiration dates Registration Processing Simple registration for parents from their phone Registration processing pipeline can be shared by multiple employees Process registration from anywhere using any device Separate status settings for child's registration, discount qualifications and state subsidy requirements Communications Email to all families or select schools Text message to all families or select schools Licensing and business Documentation Track and store site licenses Track last visits from licensing department Set notifications for upcoming expiration of licenses Company Features Kidlet access through any device Unlimited Users at no additional cost Unlimited Schools at no additional cost Kidlet access through any device Executive, Manager, Director and Leader permissions and functionality Unlimited care schedules and pricing customizable by day and school Attendance See attendance for all schools or assigned schools Check In/Out and Absent attendance summed up and always visible See ratios at any school and always up to date Check In/Out indicator for every child. Green is IN, red is OUT Add drop-ins to attendance and automatically bill parents Health notifications available in attendance for safety Guardian Check In/Out Terminal on any device Contactless Check In/Out via parents phone app Get demo Grand Startup Sale 25% off $1.50 /child Fee is per registered child per month.

  • Home | Kidlet.Care

    Spend less time on a computer and more time with kids Childcare software designed to do everything, from anywhere, on any device. Designed to be easy ...Easy to learn ...Easy to use ...Easy to customize EASY TO LOVE Reporting built to clarify Our reporting suite is built for how you use it. A mix of dashboards, quick view reports and downloadable reports are all at your fingertips, providing exactly the type of information you're after. Get info attendance Knowing how many kids are currently in your care, checked in, checked out or have not yet shown up is a critical safety concern. We've designed our attendance to work on any device, letting your staff access it from their own phones, the location's tablets or a laptop. Check kids in and out View critical health information Add drop-ins and auto bill guardians View family account details Happy Parents, Happy Providers An easy to learn, easy to use app makes parents happy and empowers them to manage their account with less frustration. Paperless registration that ensures you have all the information you need to care for a child. Parents can schedule and pay easily right through the app. Discounts are automatically calculated based on number of kids, number of days, and anything else you can think of. Mobile First Mentality We've built Kidlet.Care from the ground up to work on iOS, Android or the web. This allows you to manage your business from any device and anywhere, without having to compromise on features and usability. Learn More Attendance Easy to use attendance puts all of the critical information right at the tip of your fingers, no matter what device you are using. See More Scheduling Parent scheduling couldn't be easier. Schedule care for multiple children quickly for a day, a week or a month, using a phone or the web. See More Payments Parents pay for the care they schedule before it's submitted to you, saving them money, and your staff time. See More Paperless Registration Processing registrations for the school year can be time consuming for your staff, often times right before a term starts. We make it simple to do from any device. See More Compliance We help you track all of your compliance requirements. Track employee certifications, location licensing, and child medical information in our digital locker. See More Reporting Get visibility to your company's performance in real time on any device. We give you dashboards, tables and downloadable reports to make sure you don't miss a thing. See More A short list of our many features Built by people who have worked in childcare, meeting the needs of companies providing childcare "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" - Leonardo Da Vinci Get Info We've designed Kidlet to be simple to learn and use for your employees and families. Many of the design elements look and behave like popular social media apps, making Kidlet intuitive from the first time you pick it up. Kidlet is awesome! Being able to do everything I need to from my phone is such a huge win. Jenn H. Aurora, CO. Quotation mark Kidlet Care is so much easier to use than the last system. Everything is so simple to do inside of it. I would never go back. Becky P. LIttleton, CO. Quotation mark Kidlet is so well designed. I work in software development and it was always baffling to me why the last systems they used seemed like it was two decades old. Annie D. Parker, CO.

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