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Register Family

Updated: Jan 23

Tap on the Family Enrollment card


Go through the Enrollment Checklist

  1. Go through each section until complete starting with Guardians.



  1. Add children using the plus button

  2. Complete each child you will need care for


Authorized to pickup

  1. The authorized to pickup list are adults that are able to pickup children from care.

  2. Parents and Guardians are automatically authorized to pickup children from care.

  3. If you would like to add additional adults click on the plus button.

  4. These codes are used to identify any authorized person and provides a layer of security when checking your kids in/out.

  5. The codes must be different for each adult family member and must be different from any other parent using care.

  6. If you get an error, choose a different code.


Emergency Contacts

  1. Parents and Guardians are already assigned to emergency contacts.

  2. To add additional contacts select the plus button down below.

  3. Select all children that you want to be assigned for emergency pickup.

  4. Complete remaining information.

  5. PLEASE ADD secondary phone number for emergency purposes.


Medical and Insurance

  1. Complete Doctor's and Dentist information.

  2. This information is provided to any emergency responder should it ever be needed.

  3. If you don't have a specific Doctor or Dentist you would like to use, enter N/A as a place holder and save the form.

  4. In the case you don't have a preference of doctor or dentist the closest will be chosen.


Complete Registration and Go to Enrollment

  1. Once all segments are completed and marked with a green check, click on Finalize Registration down below.

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