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Scheduling Care

Updated: Mar 16

Getting Into the Scheduling Section

Schedule care in Kidlet.Care for parent's childcare software

  1. Tap on the Schedule Care Card or use the top menu to select Schedule Care


Select Children You Will Be Scheduling

  1. Select the children you will be scheduling care for.

  2. You can remove individual children from specific days or care types later if you would like.

  3. Click OK


Select The Dates You Will Be Scheduling Care For

  1. Select individual days by tapping on each day you would like to add

  2. Or, tap and hold on a day then tap on a future date to add multiple dates at once.

  3. All care types available on the selected days will become visible in the section below for you to select.


Select Any Care Types You Would Like To Add

  1. Select any care types you will need for your selected days.

  2. When you select care types, they will be added to the dates you have selected if available.

  3. You will be able to further edit these selections in the next step.


Fine Tune Your Selections

  1. Any kids will be automatically selected for care types you have selected above.

  2. Selected children for care types will be highlighted blue

  1. To remove a child from any care date or care type tap on the care type.

  2. Children that have been removed from care types will be in shown in grey, these children will not be added to your cart.

  3. Once you've finished fine tuning your selections add them to your cart.


Further Edit Your Cart Before Paying

  1. Once in your cart you can add more dates, swipe to remove any items you don't want or pay for care.

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